It's available as an app on Android and Apple, and through internet browsers, and you can also order printed copies. The Rule Book is held by over , RSSB has produced this manual to provide end-users with access to the content of. GE/RT (The Rule Book) that is relevant to the role of Driver as defined. Get 24/7 access to the Rule Book via your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop with the Rule Book.

Rssb Rule Book

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NEW RULE BOOK APP FOR RAIL STAFF ON-THE-GO! Currently, this app is only available via your employer, and only if they have formally adopted the app. The Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) publish a rulebook with guidelines and processes that all of us in the industry must follow to make sure we work. The RSSB have now published the Rule Book on line. These are now available to download in pdf format. This is to make the Rule Books available to staff.

Evolving rules Rules have been used to help control operational risk on the railway for over years. During this time the rules have evolved gradually as we have learned lessons from accidents and our understanding of risk has developed.

The New Approach represents the next major evolution in the history of the Rule Book and is the biggest comprehensive review of the rules since the current Modular Rule Book was introduced in The current Modular Rule Book was the culmination of a six-year project to make the Rule Book easier to navigate and the rules more accessible.

This involved a complete rewrite of the 13 Personalised Rule Books and significant changes to structure, format and language. Although the current Modular Rule Book improved upon its predecessor the experience of using it has highlighted opportunities for improving the document and a need for the rules to align more closely with the many technological and organisational changes the industry has experienced since its introduction.

Crucially, the New Approach will enable major improvements in the way the railway works. It is an essential tool that — along with other initiatives — will help the industry to achieve large increases in performance, capacity, revenues, and modal shift.

Changing the Rule Book through the New Approach does not directly deliver all of these benefits itself but they cannot be delivered without it.

Even greater numbers of people are known to use it as a reference and information document both from the United Kingdom and abroad using the online version. It also generates by far the greatest number of queries via our customer self-service portal.

The Rule Book is a vital safety document. It comprises a set of modules and handbooks which contain direct instructions for railway staff.

It sets out the operational rules for application on the GB mainline railway, which are necessary to enable the safe and timely delivery of people and goods to their destination and to provide the framework to enable safe engineering operations.

A Rule Book module contains a set of instructions for front line operating personnel such as drivers, signallers and shunters which would apply across the main line network and manage safety across the interface between train operators and the infrastructure manager.

A Rule Book handbook contains a set of instructions that are carried out by other personnel holding a particular competency in relation to staff protection, engineering activity or operation of equipment. The purpose of this document is to provide a link between nine fundamental operating principles and the rules and instructions in the Rule Book and Working Manual for Rail Staff.

It indicates whether rules and instructions are defined for traffic operation and management on the main line railway, and the warning and protection arrangements for people required to work on or near the line. It therefore provides a means of deciding whether a proposed method of operation would require a change to those rules and instructions, or whether the change is to internal company instructions or competence management systems.

Standards and the rail industry Rule Book app.

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Rule Book web app desktop version. Rule Book app onboarding material. Rule Book app FAQs.If you're the lead decision maker in this area or have a say in the way your teams use the Rule Book, and you're interested in adopting the app, please get in touch with Phil Hibberd at RSSB: phil.

The investigation found Mr McKenna was driving a locomotive with three failed safety devices, the signaller had no knowledge of the problems on the train and therefore had no means of contacting the driver.

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Designing the Manuals to be viewed on a compatible electronic device has meant that all you need to do is download the Manual that relates to your role.